If you followed the saga of embattled businessman Anthony Tortoriello you know full well about the ridiculous complaints against his Montclair ice cream shop. If you're not hip to the story, this past article should catch you up to speed.

Dairy Air went all in on their unique marketing strategy which uses a cartoon cow logo. It isn't just any cartoon cow. It's a playful cartoon cow with a rather shapely behind. It's in their store, on their cups, and they even have t-shirts. Anthony must have appreciated how much I was in his corner when this businesswoman in town decided to play morality cop.

He sent the D&D crew a few samples of his t-shirts. He sent an XL men's (clearly for me) a large men's, and a medium woman's. Our producer Joe, being Joe, of course decided to be ridiculous and try on the woman's medium. Let's just say he thought it would fit him better.

Joe V attempts to fit into a woman's medium shirt
Jeff Deminski photos

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