There are plenty of horrendous drivers throughout the state of New Jersey. You might see them on the Turnpike, or the Parkway, or 295 or any major highway.

Whether it be the person who has to do the jersey slide or the person who doesn't signal when they're changing lanes or maybe even the person in the left lane who insists on going 65 miles per hour.

But I swear I find a new awful kind of Jersey driver once a week. This week's instance is the person who has their tail lights out but insists on driving when it's dark outside.

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On my way to work I was driving on a major highway and I could barely see a car in the middle lane whose tail lights were out.

Cars are flying past me all around and as I'm trying to switch from the left to center lane I almost didn't see the person who had no tail lights. I only saw them because the blind spot monitor in my car went off telling me that there was a car that I could not see.

Thankfully, I didn't hit them, but it was a close call and enough to give me a jolt to the system.

I wish I could've said something to the person right there that if you're gonna have your tail lights be out don't drive on the main road in the dark. You're just giving New Jersey drivers a bad reputation and creating a road hazard for everyone. It feels like you are just begging for an accident to happen.

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