Maybe this is one of those don’t knock it til you’ve tried it things. But I’ve never understood why non-farmers want to have clucking, smelly chickens in their backyards. Yes, they smell. I’ve been around chicken coops. Other people’s chicken coops. Large ones. Small ones. And they all smelled. People who live with cats and litter boxes also think their homes don’t smell. It’s the mantra of every person who has grown noseblind.

Yet people in New Jersey from hipsters to conservatives are all about the backyard chicken in increasing numbers. And if you’re not sure but want at least to try the lifestyle did you know there’s a company that will rent you the chickens?

I didn’t know this either until I saw an article on about a place called Rent The Chicken. They’re in western Pennsylvania but with affiliates in other states, Jersey being one of them, you’re in luck. If hearing annoying birds and smelling their foulness outside your window is your idea of luck.

They deal in six months rentals and bring everything straight to your door; not only the chickens but the coop and all the supplies. They even offer a plan called Hatch The Chicken where you get fertilized eggs and an incubator and your kids can see the magic of little chicks coming into the world. Balut anyone? Okay sorry, I’ll behave.

This Jersey affiliate is based in Burlington County in Southampton and they deliver your chicken dreams to a fifty mile radius. I live just within that radius so no one tell my wife about this. She loves chickens. The cost? There are various packages that you can check out on this link to’s Jersey location.

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