Of course we should all support the police. They're the thin blue line between all of our safety and total anarchy.

The job of being a police officer has become more difficult and complex in our technology obsessed, lawsuit happy, victim status seeking society. That being said, we also need to demand a certain level of respect for our civil liberties when we have contact with our law enforcement personnel.

I feel they've been wrongly characterized and demonized in some high profile cases around the country, and due to that have been targeted for violence and even murder. Much of the focus on the tension between the public and the police has been centered on race. That's been proven statistically false and only exists through sensational media presentation, not a thorough analysis of the facts.

A recent police incident in New Jersey succinctly points to the real issue: Training.

When a video surfaced last month of a man wearing a bunny suit blowing an air horn in a police station while turning himself in on a warrant, the officer is shown confronting the man with a question and a sharp right hand to the chops. As much as many of us would have loved to crack the wise-ass in the mouth, I'm sure that's not proper procedure.

However by what the cops' attorney said, apparently it is. Really?!

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