We are entering a new phase in America. It’s an aggressive assault on free speech. And it’s incredibly dangerous.

Americans have been accustomed to having conversations, even heated arguments, over politics, current events and history. Sadly, those days may be coming to an end.

Although there are a growing number of voices speaking out against the outrageous assault on police officers, those voices are being shut down. Leaders of groups like Black Lives Matter simply decry any opposition, especially defending law enforcement, as racist. This radical, anti-cop movement has enablers and agitators at the highest level of government.

Our New Jersey governor, marching through the weekend in violation of his own emergency order, is one of the leaders in suppressing your freedom. The killing of George Floyd was a crime, for sure. And justice for the officers involved should be swift. But the over-the-top and dangerous hatred of law enforcement has to stop. The over-the-top and dangerous suppression of free speech also has to stop.

The fact that writers like Cheryl Chumley from the Washington Times had her Linkedin.com account shut down because of her opinions is a warning for anyone who dares to step outside and challenge "group think." Cheryl has been a strong advocate for our cops and for our freedoms throughout her career.

She joined me on my show Monday morning to share her perspective on why we are experiencing this dangerous trend.

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