Twitter and Facebook and the response was overwhelming!

Out of 113 responses, 105 said they’d rather go to the seafood festival in Belmar, than see a sitting President standing and delivering a speech at a New Jersey college! There was also one vote for Donald Trump.

There are those who think that if “The Donald" were in Belmar, he’d have multiplied the fish and fed the country. Among the responses, Timothy said he would have attended Rutgers if Obama wasn’t there. Both Francie and Maribeth said they can see Obama anytime on the news. Rich would pick seafood unless he could get a photo with the President.

There were a few who wanted to know which Governor Christie would be attending, and some complaints about how Rutgers was handling the tickets. From the Obama choosers we had Melinda posting “Obama- without question. We may not get another chance locally to hear him give a commencement address as President, but the seafood festival, while VERY tempting, is a yearly event.”

Tim chimed in with “Haters gotta hate. Obama anytime, any day. He's the best president of our time.” Ann went down the middle with “'I’d do the seafood festival, because I love seafood. However, I do believe history will look upon Obama more favorably than most do today.” What would you have done if given the choice?

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