New Jersey was feeling the love on Tuesday night’s episode of 'Jeopardy!'

A category which popped up early in the show was “It Came From New Jersey.” (Oh, we’re some 1950’s movie monster now? We’re like a toxic gargoyle that came from outer space?) None of the contestants hailed from the Garden State so you’d think this might be challenging.

But the returning champion from Ohio, Donna Matturri, together with other contestants plowed through the category pretty easily at first but everyone was stumped by number 4. No one even buzzed in.

Here are the questi- er, I mean, answers. See if you could have gotten all five.

1. “We rule that Samuel Alito & Antonin Scalia came from this state capital.” ($200)

2. “Songs in this Broadway show include ‘Walk Like a Man’ & ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry.’” ($400)

3. “An origin story of this candy involves the sweets in an Atlantic City shop being flooded by the ocean.” ($600)

4. “It was actually a trio of brothers who founded this New Brunswick-based healthcare company in 1886, but it goes by this & this.” ($800)

5. “James Madison attended the College of New Jersey; Jeff Bezos went to the same school, by then called this.” ($1,000)

I guess if you don’t know your state capitals or the only thing you know about New Jersey is Snooki you could have missed this first one but it’s…

What is Trenton?

New Jersey State House

You don’t have to be a Broadway fan, you only had to have the slightest awareness of pop culture from the past twenty years to know this…

What is “Jersey Boys”?

60th Annual Tony Awards At Radio City Music Hall - Show
Getty Images

Just pay attention to what’s being said and you’d have it…

What is saltwater taffy?

Jordan Jansson Photo
Jordan Jansson Photo

The stumper, and come on! Healthcare company? This & this? Obviously it’s…

What is Johnson & Johnson?

Johnson & Johnson Reaches Settlement In 8.9 Billion Dollar Lawsuit Over Products Containing Talcum Powder
Getty Images

A true New Jerseyan would know of the name change and would have come up with…

What is Princeton?

Photo by Tim Alex on Unsplash
Photo by Tim Alex on Unsplash

POP QUIZ: Can you name all 10 interstate highways in New Jersey?

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