In could be the biggest fashion trend for men since Rodney Dangerfield's "regular guy" look in "East Money," a movie I was an extra in BTW. It's the romper for men or as they call it the "RompHim." 

It's definitely the gift for the man who has everything because he would probably never think to buy this himself. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if it were the most re-gifted present ever. Who would want to keep this in their drawer which is a much better place than wearing it?

I'm hoping it doesn't come in boys' sizes because if it does, I'm predicting an increase in bullying. The "RompHim" could definitely become a "StompHim" and that's not good. I may even threaten my sons with wearing them to school as a punishment.  Then again, with Father's Day coming I don't want to give them any ideas. Imagine you're a Dad opening one of those and then having to wear it to the family BBQ. The meat wouldn't be the only thing getting grilled!

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