I'm sure Kyle Anderson is a proud investor, not to mention a very surprised one.

He purchased a home in Cape May back in October and he's been fixing things up. Eventually he wants to rent out the property. He hired a crew recently to landscape the yard and clear it of debris. What they found was apparently not included in the closing papers.

The crew discovered munitions. Ordnances from World War II which remained live. And dangerous. So of course the Cape May Police were called. The Cape May Fire Department was called. The Atlantic City Bomb Squad was called. Then Elmira Street became swarmed with activity. Nearby houses were evacuated. Anderson told NJ.com that a neighbor had mentioned the former owner liked to bury things in the yard, but pretty sure he was never thinking live explosives could be there.

How was it handled? Check out the pics from the Cape May Police Department's Facebook.

Facebook, Cape May Police Department
Facebook, Cape May Police Department
Facebook, Cape May Police Department

That's right, down to the beach they went. The bomb squad safely detonated the munitions.

This reminds me a little bit of a weird discovery my father made when we rented a house in Clark. As we were moving in and checking things out in the basement, there was a wall panel that was loose and looked like there could be storage space behind it. My dad took it off and sure enough there was a good amount of space for boxes and Christmas decorations, but something was already occupying the area. An ammo belt that would be fed into a machine gun was inside. Not spent, either. Live rounds, never used. There they sat oddly in this nondescript house.

I remember my dad called the police and they came, confirmed that's indeed what it was, and took it away. How long it sat there or who the heck lived in that home earlier I'll never know.

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