UNION TOWNSHIP (Union) — Police arrested a man who they say robbed a woman at gunpoint on a township street Sunday afternoon.

The victim told police she was robbed while walking home from a bus stop.

The woman told police that a gunman in the passenger seat of a car that pulled up next to her got out and stole her purse about 4:25 p.m. in the Vauxhall section. Among the items in her bag was a cell phone, leaving the woman unable to call police after the man had fled the scene.

During the robbery the woman dropped a cup of coffee, which police found when they went back to the area. They also found a resident who had a surveillance camera that caught the entire incident, according to police. In addition to finding the video, police were able to track the woman's phone to Newark where officers tracing the device found a man who matched the description of the suspect.

The man, identified by police as 39-year-old Rasheed Waller, of Newark, also had warrants for his arrest out of Union Township. The woman positively identified the man, and while he did not have a gun with him at the time of his arrest he did have the woman's bus pass in his pocket.

After Waller was arrested, police executed a search warrant of his home. Officers there noticed "a lot of commotion" in the apartment, the department said. Standing outside of the apartment, police reported seeing a window open and a bag being thrown onto the roof of the neighboring house.

With the help of the Newark Fire Department, officers were able to get on the roof where they found a fully loaded Rohm .38 caliber Special handgun matching the one that had been used in the robbery. Other items belonging to the woman were also found in the home, police said.

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