We took calls on it. I wrote my thoughts on it. In that column people are still responding to a poll question on it. The legislation that would mandate that stores with more than 2,000 square feet or chain stores charge their customers 5 cents for every plastic or paper bag they use. The store would get one penny, the state would get four. They will call it a fee, when really it is a tax.

It passed both the Assembly and the Senate last night. Which means all this progressive idea needs is the signature of our very progressive governor to become law. I consider it a done deal. Which brings about the important question.

Are you going to pay? Will you still have your items put in plastic or paper bags at the store and pay the nickel per bag? Or will you switch to those often unhygienic reusable canvas totes? I can just see it now.

"Honey, can you stop on your way home to pick up a few things from the store?"

"Uh, no hon, I didn't know you'd ask me this and I didn't put the environmentally friendly canvas totes in my car this morning."

The government isn't really doing this to save the environment by the way. It's all explained in what I wrote Thursday. But the bottom line is if they were that concerned about the environment they would have just outright banned them. Instead they're already budgeting for the $23.4 million they say will be brought in when nearly half a billion plastic or paper bags are still requested every year.

So which will it be? Pay the bag tax or go canvas reusable? Take our poll.

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