With President Donald Trump coming to South Jersey on Jan. 28 to hold a rally with Congressman Jeff Van Drew, who switched parties and joined the GOP in December, the resort city of Wildwood is in scramble mode.

Mayor Pete Byron said the Wildwood Convention Center can hold about 7,500 people but the White House is issuing at least 15,000 tickets for the event.

“The crowds are going to be an issue and you’re going to have to wait in line for probably hours and there’s no guarantee you’re going to get in," Byron, a Democrat who welcomed news of the rally, said.

He said distributing extra tickets is apparently the way these things are handled.

“We haven’t really had a sit-down yet with the president’s people. That’s scheduled for next week. But we know for a fact that security is going to be very hyped up," he said Thursday.

He said it’s important people understand security will be extremely heavy.  And parking will not be allowed in lots next to the convention center for security reasons.

Rally attendees should expect airport-level security.

“This is the president of the United States but we’re just as concerned about the safety of other folks attending this monumental event," he said.


Byron said he expects a giant monitor will be erected outside the Convention Center so anyone who is not able to get inside will be able to watch the rally.

He said that even with all of the issues involving big crowds and added security, everyone is excited. The last president to visit Cape May County was Benjamin Harrison in 1891.

He said no matter whether you support Trump or not, “what we should do is respect the position and how unbelievable this is for our town to have a sitting president come to Wildwood.”

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