First Belmar canceled their St. Patrick's Day parade in January, now Wildwood is canceling theirs. Instead, they will hold mass for up to 1,000 people at St. Anne Church of Notre Dame De La Mar parish in Wildwood.

Now far be it from me to put down the holy sacrifice of the mass, but if you're going to put a thousand people in a church that can hold 2,000 under the new COVID-19 guidelines, why not allow them to watch a parade wearing masks and observing social distancing? We've been doing it in places both inside and outside for the past year.  We also have so many people getting vaccinated.

The St. Patrick's Day parade is a great time to celebrate Wildwood and all it has to offer. Bad enough they want to start charging for the beach, now they want to cancel the parade. What's next, charging for the tram car (please watch the tram car!)?

Like I said regarding Belmar, no one is forcing you to either attend or march in the parade. You do so at your own risk. We've had protest marches during the pandemic that didn't turn out to be super spreaders.

Why not call it an "Irish Lives Matter" parade? Maybe Gov. Murphy, who I imagine has a touch of the green in him, just like his bank account, can march wearing a green mask. Of course, the masks could be a problem trying to get all that green beer through them.

The Wildwood St. Patrick Day Parade not only gives us something to look forward to like getting out of the house, but could bring much-needed business to the Jersey shore. It's a win-win and it should be happening.

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