It's only the first week of January and already the cancellations for 2021 have begun. Belmar is canceling their St. Patrick's Day Parade this year according to their Facebook page.

"Unfortunately but not surprisingly, the 2021 parade cannot be held due to COVID-19. The parade committee is exploring options for other types of celebrations this season so stay tuned for updates. Thank you as always for your support."

The reactions are mixed, with some like Dave Cummins commenting that he understands.

"It was a tough call but the right call Fran," Cummins commented on the post. "Can’t hold a parade without all the fundraisers needed to pay for it. Just too many opportunities to spread COVID even further in the community, particularly amongst all the folks who volunteer at these events."

While others, like Jackie Dente, are expressing outrage.

She commented, "Ridiculous The parade is in three months the vaccine is out another Democratic town...shame on you Belmar."

Personally, I think they're pulling the trigger too soon. First of all, no one is forcing you to either attend or march in the parade. You do so at your own peril. Secondly, we've had protest marches during the pandemic that didn't turn out to be super spreaders. Why not call it an "Irish Lives Matter" parade? Maybe Gov. Murphy, who I imagine has a touch of the green in him, just like his bank account, can march wearing a green mask. Of course the masks could be a problem trying to get all that green beer through them.

Also, who knows where we're going to be with vaccine distributions by March? This is the most depressing time of the year in New Jersey. It's cold, dark and we're being shut in and deprived of so much. The Belmar parade not only gives us something to look forward to like getting out of the house, but could bring much-needed business to the Jersey shore. Unless of course it's shut down by then.

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