Mayor Ernie Troiano did something that most politicians would be too scared to even think about. He stood up and pushed back against the ridiculous and inaccurate portrayal of iconic patriot and performer, Kate Smith.

He refused to stop playing Smith's incredible rendition of "God Bless America" on the boardwalk and he's ready to take the discarded statue of the singer and prominently display it in his town. Because, unlike the cowardly and ignorant Flyers and Yankees brass, he did a little research to fully understand the controversy over Kate Smith.

In addition to things I've been talking about for a few days, like the fact that one of the leading opponents to segregation, Paul Robeson (a black entertainer) also performed the same song as Smith, there's the story of how she actively promoted black performers who couldn't get a break in early 20th century America.

So let's take stock of who Kate Smith really was: she took a public stand against segregation by performing a satirical song to shame segregationists; raised hundreds of millions for the troops; promoted black entertainers; received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and performed at Flyers games in order to help heal the divide created over the Vietnam War.

There should be statues of Kate Smith in every city based on the real history of this courageous patriotic and selfless woman.

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