Our son Atticus just turned 3 and has autism. He also just had the greatest morning, thanks to a place called Wightman Farms.

He began ABA therapy a few months ago and one of the best centers out there, The Uncommon Thread, set up a field day for the kids with autism to go pumpkin picking. Wightman Farms in Morristown deserves a big thank you from all us parents. They set up a special morning experience closed to the public just for these little autism warriors. This way they wouldn't be overwhelmed by crowds, noise, etc.. The parents also wouldn't be subjected to some of the disdainful looks we occasionally get from people who don't understand a meltdown here and there.

The kids had an absolute blast! As you'll see in the photo gallery, it wasn't just finding the perfect pumpkin; it was a hayride, a corn maze and so much more. I didn't get to go along but my wife did and took some nice pics. The farm has been around since 1922 by the way, and has remained in the same family for generations. They're on Mt. Kemble Avenue in Morristown and their website is wightmanfarms.com.

Thanks so much to Wightman Farms for hosting this day!

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