I don't often give career advice. However if you're searching for a unique opportunity to work in a glamorous field where you'll never receive any appreciation may I strongly recommend you consider plowing, sanding and treating roads for the NJ Department of Transportation.

Consider this. What other job offers dangerously long hours where you get to push yourself to the brink of exhaustion and beyond while at the same time not earning a huge salary? That's right! Let those on call hospital residents put in their long hours where they have sleeping rooms available and the long term reward of a large income. Who needs it? Instead you could be working for 16, 18, 20 straight hours with no sleeping quarters. Not to mention no hope of ever making enough money to afford the doctor lifestyle.

But why would you want it? It would only make you conceited.

Working hard behind the wheel of a truck for all those hours gives you the chance to get some real thinking done. In the cold and dark all alone as major nor'easters whip all around you offers you the kind of introspection only solitary confinement can. Plus you'll feel pride for putting yourself in harm's way for your fellow man storm after storm. Speaking of your fellow man, you'll never need to be burdened by someone slowing down your day by stopping you to say thank you. Instead you'll be constantly questioned and disparaged on social media and in comment sections about what a terrible job you do! Because you have to follow orders and wait in a staging area until a certain point in a storm, you'll be called out for "doing nothing, just sitting there" in the moments before you start your mission to return society to its people.

To sum it up, no pesky thank yous slowing you down, no sleep, no big pay day and virtually no respect. If that's not a combination for the perfect career I don't know what is. Now maybe this doesn't sound like enough for you, in which case you're not cut out for it. But if it does, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing your were part of the force that brings New Jersey back to working order time and time and time again.

So if you've already made this career choice, I know I'm not supposed to acknowledge you or give you that pesky thank you which will only slow you down.

But thank you all the same.

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