Well, you knew it was going to come to this eventually. Convenience stores are everything and want to be your everything. Wawa, heavily involved in the convenience store wars, is trying to figure out a way to get you in there from the crack of dawn until bedtime. And now, they are testing out dinner menus, and how people in the Philadelphia area, (it’s the chain’s home bass) will respond to it.

There are a few exclusive sandwiches being offered just to start, but I already know people who are very happy with a Wawa mac & cheese for dinner and will find a way to have a dinner meal there no matter what it takes. According to an article in the Philadelphia Business Journal, it’s the Horsham location that is the first testing ground for the new dinner options, but I believe they will be successful since people, especially younger ones, are trying to figure out a way to eat breakfast lunch and dinner in a cheap and convenient way. Fast food restaurants focus on families. Convenience stores for singles.

I’ve started to notice Quick Chek locations in New Jersey with tables and chairs so that people feel more comfortable and more enticed to actually sit and have a meal there. Even though they refused to disclose whether or not New Jersey will have dinners next, I believe that the next thing that Wawa will do is expand their dinner menu and try to become the alternative to fast food dinner meals throughout all of their locations. It’s a great idea!

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