There are three strong, brave, intelligent women who have started a petition to recall Governor Murphy. You can only start a recall vote once a governor has been in office for 365 days and that threshold will be met this week. While I whole heartedly support the reasons these women have for wanting to run this governor out of town on a rail, I disagree with the recall vote.

He clearly advertised what he was all about during the election. He promised higher taxes and a sanctuary state for illegals and it's no surprise either that he would make it harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves with firearms. The people knew full well what he was about and they elected him, fair and square.

Part of it was an anti-Republican wave spurred on by the recent election of a controversial President, Donald Trump. Then there was the disappointment and fatigue of an outspoken Republican Governor in Chris Christie. To add to the mix, Murphy promised the legions of state workers that he'd give back some of the goodies that mean ole Christie took away when he tried to save the state from going bankrupt. And of course you can't ignore the immense amount of his personal fortune that Murphy spent to buy the election at all costs. It was the perfect storm.

But that's how our system works. You run for office by stating your case and outspending your opponents as best you can, and it worked for him. I hate that it happened. I agree with the ladies completely that he's a disaster unfolding before our eyes. I even have more intense personal reasons to see him go as quickly as possible, like yesterday, better yet six months ago. However, we can't just try to get rid of a duly elected leader, just because we disagree with his or her policies. A fair election was held, and he won. In three more years, we'll have a chance to elect another phony, crooked egomaniac or demagogue to take his place. Sorry but those are the choices we usually get here in New Jersey.

While I applaud these courageous women and agree with their reasons, I think it's a dangerous precedent that has already been set by the Democrats on the national level by immediately trying invalidate the election of President Trump by any means possible. We elect a new President and new governors every four years. The next gubernatorial election in New Jersey is 2021. Choose carefully if you're still here. Once again New Jersey is the #1 state for people fleeing to more affordable, tax friendly states.

If we recall Murphy it only serves to divide the two sides even more. You're going after 'our guy' so we'll do the same to 'your guy' and so on. Maybe, just maybe if his term plays out in the disastrous way it seems it will, people will think, not just about partisan differences, but what really matters when it comes to policies, and start to learn what people like him are about. Since money has so corrupted our election process and ignorance and apathy have infected our electorate results like this aren't shocking. Do some research, encourage your family and friends to do so too, and drive them to the polls for the next election. That's how this system, as flawed as it may be, works.

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