Two different stories in today’s news really perplexed me. And the distinctly different reactions to them, to me, shows the state of the country we live in.. and how backwards things really are.

In one, a Rutgers professor and apparently unapologetic anti-Semite, Michael Chikindas used Twitter to spout his virulently anti-Jewish views.

In one of the screenshots of a post Chikindas says the “jewish mother****** do not control me.” “They can go f*** each other in their fat arses — you see, I do not have anything to loose (sic),hence nothing to be controlled,” he wrote.

That post was sharing another page’s link to an article titled “The Globalists: Who controls (sic) us.”Another included crude caricatures of Jews:

Screenshot via
Screenshot via

In another separate story, Kellogg’s is taken to task on Twitter for depicting their sugar pops cereal as characters populating a shopping mall, with a “darker” cereal “pop” doing the sweeping.

This apparently struck a twitter user as racially insensitive.

Kellogg’s rapid response when called to task about Mr. Brown-Janitor corn pop? They’re replacing all artwork on all boxes immediately! Rutgers’ rapid response to anti-Semitic rantings by one of their professors? They’ll review it.

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