It’s time to put aside partisan differences and personal preferences. You have to look past personality issues and emotional ties.

The policies of the Murphy administration over the past four years are just a preview of what’s to come if he wins reelection.

Vaccine mandates, more restrictions on businesses, higher taxes and a long list of liberty robbing policies are sure to come.

He’s only held back because of the prospect of not winning reelection, but if he does, the course of the state's future will be altered forever.

Murphy’s policies and ideals are way further left than most people in New Jersey. Even Democratic Senate President Steve Sweeney has said we are not a far-left state. But Murphy is.

Remember, Murphy came out of nowhere four years ago to buy the election. He had never held elected office. He had never been involved in New Jersey politics. He saw an opportunity to use his wealth to buy one of the most powerful offices in the country and he did.

Whether it was the frustration of the electorate with all of the noise of the Christie administration the prior eight years, or just plain apathy, whatever it was that propelled him to victory was a huge mistake.

We have a chance to correct that mistake tomorrow and vote him out. He seems calm and professional with no scandals or loud obnoxious outbursts. That’s nice, but his policies and ideals are extremely dangerous and too far left for the average New Jersey citizen to endure.

He’ll be long gone when the destruction takes its toll on the state. He’ll be in Washington, D.C., as an elected or appointed official. And we'll be left holding the bag for the further havoc this man will wreak.

It's not about supporting your "team" like rooting for a sports franchise, it's about our future. If you vote based on blind party affiliation, ethnic or racial background or who seems nice, don't vote tomorrow. It's too important to be another "American Idol" type contest.

Murphy has a beautiful Italian Villa waiting for him to visit and console himself if he doesn't win. The winners will be hard-working real New Jerseyans who are content to stay here and slog it out every day.

We can hope that he's enjoying that villa real soon. Buon viaggio, Phil.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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