Would you run toward a burning vehicle, risking your own life?

That's what Clifton Police Officers Owen Curry, Jermaine Burgess and Frank Castro did early the morning of April 30 — saving four people.

That's four people who are alive today because these officers didn't hesitate. That's incredible. And it's more than enough for me to pick them this week's #BlueFriday, my ongoing effort to recognize cops who go above and beyond the call of duty.

But I'm not the only one proud of their heroics.

Curry "is a hero to everybody in his life," the officer's mother-in-law, Isabelle, told me when she called in Friday morning. "He's been through so much in life. He's got a good heart. He's loving. He's caring."

The average person doesn't realize the stress on a family when a police officer goes out every night. These families don't know what might happen, minute-to-minute. It's terrifying.

As I told Isabelle: "For the rest of us, we dial 911. Your son-in-law is 911."

"We pray every night that he's safe to work when he goes out," said Isabelle, who told me she's just as proud of the other hero cops by Curry's side.

And she's passing along that pride to her students at Abraham Lincoln School No. 14 in Elizabeth.

You know what? I think those kids ought to know: Their teacher is a hero as well.

Update: Our friends at Shore Academy, always #BlueFriday supporters, got into the spirit too!

Last week's #BlueFriday honoree:

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