Although there are four candidates running on the Republican side to earn the opportunity to take on incumbent Governor Phil Murphy in November, only one stands out as the best for our state.

Phil Rizzo is a former pastor, entrepreneur, husband and father. He's a stand up guy who is the only one in the GOP field who actually stood up to Governor Murphy during the lockdown keeping his church open. He's the only one with the resources to offer a real challenge to the GOP insider chosen candidate and he's got the guts to tell it like it is, and detail where he will start immediately to undo the damage done by the past four years.

I was able to spend some time with Phil at the end of a sold-out event we held at Trump National in Bedminster earlier this week. Take a look at the video of our live broadcast and then visit the website to join the fight to take back New Jersey.

Phil has a unique story about overcoming adversity. Here's a quick excerpt from his biography:

Phil believes his story of beating the odds and coming back stronger can be New Jersey’s story too. As a kid growing up in Morris County, Phil lost his right arm at the elbow when a lally column in the basement fell, severely crushing the artery. For an energetic young boy with a love for sports, this was devastating.

But Phil refused to be held back. He went on to play baseball, soccer, and finally High School football, where he was a star on both offense and defense.  He received national recognition in 1995, when he earned a scholarship from the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame, in Chicago. Those physical achievements did not just come naturally. Only those closest to him knew of the commitment, hours of training, and uncommon drive required to succeed.

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