I recently posted my thoughts on prostitution following the arrest of a couple of women in Loch Arbour.

We got the typical, uninformed, overly emotional, stupid reaction I hoped we were beyond. Of course, I don't want women in my life to be involved in the sex industry. No one does. Of course I don't want someone bringing home an STD. Typical response from the shallow thinking, knee-jerk reacting, speak-before-you-think crowd.

For women who choose to, it would be 100 percent safer if it were legal and properly regulated. The instance of disease and violence would be severely reduced.

Some people brought up the subject of human trafficking. If anything, legalizing it would virtually eliminate the need for such activity. Often the unintended consequences of these prohibition laws are worse than the results of the activity they're trying to eliminate.

It is the height of naiveté and stupidity to think it will go away simply because we pass a law against it. The time is long overdue that we start to approach and solve problems logically and practically rather that with displaced emotion, over-reaction and prohibition.

If this were the opinion of a female doctor or social worker (the majority of them agree with me), many of you reading this would agree or at least take it more seriously. But because I'm a heterosexual man, this must be because I'm just another horny dude that wants to get laid.

If you start thinking more than emoting, we may actually be able to have rational conversations and solve some problems. I may start a support group for you all called STD! Start Thinking Dummies!

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