As I read about the McDonald's franchise owner who was forced to pay almost $9,000 in fines for child labor violations, I couldn't help thinking, "why should their hours be limited if they're willing to work and their parents/guardians are okay with it?" I remember when I was both 14 and 15 and would have loved to have had a job.

The Fair Labor and Standards Act limits the number of hours and times a day someone under the age of 16 can work during the school year. I think they should lower that age to 14. A job would keep kids off the streets and out of trouble. There are also kids and families who need that money.

Everyone's situation is different and not everyone wants to go or is destined for college. You could start a high school student out on a work ethic that would last throughout their lifetime. For all we know, the job that 14 year old gets could start them off in a career right there that they really like. For instance, McDonald's CEO.  Like we say in Jersey "Hey, you never know."

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