The Democratic governors association is a national organization that raises money for Democratic Governors campaigns across the country. Governor Murphy was just named the chairman of the DGA Saturday as the group gathered for its annual meeting in New Orleans. It’s a prestigious position with caché. The governor is also chair-elect for 2020 which means he will take charge of the group that year.

This is a big deal: it’s a huge national role giving him a key responsibility in helping in the dems bid to oust Trump in 2020. (If you remember, Christie held that post for the Republican group in 2014.) Murphy's appointment is a good news/ bad situation.
It's unsettling because it’s a sign of what many have feared; that New Jersey is just a stepping stone for him and his political aspirations are much, much higher, with President likely the goal. Ugh. Another ideologue president whose political bent is just to the left of Ché Guevara’s. (Google it.)

In other words, the bad news is that this makes it more likely that Murphy will run for president eventually (although less likely that it will be during the 2020 election.)

The good news? It’ll keep him busy and out of Jersey for long stretches at a time, as was the case with Christie. And, as was also the case with Christie, it’s possible that this is when Jerseyans’ inexplicable love for Murphy will begin to wane. If he’s distracted enough, maybe he can keep his mind on turning the US into a socialist country and leave us here in Jersey alone and forgotten. As a bonus, maybe his burgeoning national profile will keep him busy enough to weaken his reelection campaign for his second term as governor.

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