While everyone makes a big deal over Sir Paul McCartney every time he has a meal here, I find it insulting. He apparently dined with his wife, who is from Edison, in Metuchen on Sunday. Nice! He is one of the best musicians and song writers of all time and I love his music.

Take a look at this video from 10  years ago, just before he started to look like an old washer woman from Liverpool. In his appearance in the East Room of the White House in 2010 with President Obama and the First Lady in attendance he needlessly and ignorantly insulted the previous President.

While I'm no big fan of George W. Bush, I thought it was the height of insult and incivility to ridicule the duly elected former leader of a country you are a guest in. Who would insult the leaders of a country they are visiting? Would you insult a President of Germany or France or England if you were a guest there, especially if that country helped to make you fabulously wealthy and popular?

Of course you wouldn't. But in the rarefied air of ultra high profile celebrity, you feel like you can because ... well, because you're YOU, Sir Paul McCartney!

It hardly got any attention because most outlets either agreed with Sir Paul that Bush was the appointed "villain of the era" or they chose to overlook it because ... well because it was SIR PAUL! You have to dig hard to find a note of it, but we did in a "conservative leaning" newspaper. If I were to see McCartney in New Jersey, I would be polite and let him go about his business, but I wouldn't insult him or try to belittle him. Although I've not been given "knighthood" by a Queen of a country that did not elect her to anything.

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