According to an article on WalletHub, New Jersey are the least patriotic state in the country.

Last week, I reacted negatively to one of their lists that ranked Jersey 43rd on a list of great road trip states. This time though, I think they've got it right.

You can see the methods they use to compile the list and the criteria for the study below. If you notice the bottom seven states, all heavily Democrat, all heavily in debt with generous social and public worker benefits.

Also, very highly college educated, where the academic class indoctrinates them on how horrible the U.S. is as a country.

You can point to the higher ranking states and see they have more sparse population centers and less to occupy folks. If you look at the map it's almost directly in line with who voted for Trump last year.

The northeast and California and a few big government midwestern states wanted more of the same and the rest of the country said "enough is enough".

Hey, if you find that analysis offensive, it's because no one wants to speak the truth anymore about what's happened to our country, but it's true.

I'd love to say we're more patriotic than that chart indicates, but there's just no good argument. Just the sad truth.

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