Fixing the rest stops so the people who pass through New Jersey from OTHER states to go to the bathroom will do so in style. I want to say that this is just as laughable as the Statehouse renovation that Christie has allocated the funds for but it's actually sad.

And leaves me wondering if Christie has actually lost it.

If he got the kind of blowback from his idea for the state house renovation project that he did, how could he feel that this would be an important or popular idea? Who cares if the rest stops are old when we can't balance a budget and citizens can't pay their property taxes or afford to live here?

That leaves me thinking that there are one of four scenarios involved here.

  1. Perhaps he believes that shiny new bathrooms and snack areas are really important for the reputation of New Jersey.
  2. Maybe he wants to seal his legacy with these projects underway so that people will say he accomplished something
  3. Could this be an last ditch attempt To salvage his approval ratings before he leaves office?
  4. (Most likely) To saddle the new incoming administration with an annoying, expensive and unnecessary project.

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