Governor Phil Murphy has referred to Senator Edward Durr as a "dangerous guy" for comments he's posted on his social media and since apologized for.

Durr, who told, "'Phil Murphy is far more dangerous than I could ever be.' Durr claimed Murphy's policies have led to a mass exodus out of New Jersey and claimed Murphy 'killed 10,000 nursing home residents.'"

But Durr wants both you and Governor Murphy to know that he indeed dangerous as he stated when he called into my New Jersey 101.5 radio show.

"Gov. Murphy calls me 'dangerous' but he's the one who locked down the state that caused over, nearly 10,000 elderly deaths," Durr said when he called into the show.

"He's the one who caused the closing of nearly 1/3 of our small businesses. He is the one who is forcing your children in schools with masks. He's the one who's directing and telling people whether they can go to the store, whether they can go to work or they can go to church and worship! I said a few stupid things and that's what, I'm dangerous? But I am dangerous — I'm dangerous to his agenda."

So who's more dangerous to New Jersey? Senator Ed Durr for his words which he has apologized for, or Governor Murphy for his actions which he has not apologized for and in many cases doubled down on.

I put up a Twitter poll.

Here are some of the responses:

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