That question can be answered only a couple of ways, but how you felt about it could be determined by if you watched it or listened to it.

Tuesday night, NJ101.5 hosted a debate between two of the candidates vying for the Republican nomination in the upcoming gubernatorial race in November. It was hosted by Eric Scott, who did his usual masterful job and moderating and asking questions both from the callers and some from the news staff. Truly, nobody does a better job at this in broadcasting than Eric Scott.

Jack Ciattarelli and Hirsh Singh engaged in a spirited debate, but it never got out of hand and it was a pretty good reflection of each candidate and where they stand on issues and who they are. I watched part of it on our Facebook live feed and listened to the rest on the radio and the app.

If you watched it, Jack Ciattarelli really looked much more in command and seemed to win easily. If you listened, you may have gotten a different impression, which is usually the case in debates of this kind.

Hirsch Singh hits all of the far-right conservative hot buttons and can seem like the "pure" conservative candidate. On the other hand, Republicans will vote for anyone other than Murphy. It's the independent folks and the moderate Democrats who are disappointed with Murphy's far left positions and actions that will sway the election. A Republican can't win with a Trump-flag waiving, absolutely no-abortion ideologue that Singh came off as, in November.

Singh also played the ethnic/race card, which was totally unsubstantiated and uncalled for. It's usually a last resort of people who don't have a good argument against their opponent. Ciattarelli, meanwhile, came off as mature, calm and decisive in his responses. We'd love to get your take by taking our simple poll below.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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