There's no doubt that terrorism is at the forefront of everyone's minds this week, and it'll certainly be a hot issue on the 2016 presidential campaign trail going forward.

Governor Christie ripped into Obama's "fantasy" of the Middle East following the terrorist attacks on Paris Friday night, linking the events to 9/11 and saying he would provide stronger leadership as president.

Many callers also criticized President Obama this morning for his lax immigration policies, and for not taking a hard stance against terrorists throughout history.

Samantha from Perth Amboy said that while she's not a big Christie supporter, "when it comes down to it, Christie looks like our strongest candidate," based on the strength of his command.

Joe in Pinesville, however, represented another group of callers. "We really need Trump," he said. According to him, Trump wouldn't hesitate to take military action on ISIS and put an end to their massacres.

A caller named Anthony disagreed though, saying that Trump is politically inexperienced. "Obama was the least experienced president in history when he entered office, and he's made a mess of this country. It'll be the same thing if we vote Trump in," said the caller from Edison.

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