Where you live in New Jersey may determine how much you'll be able to enjoy your golden years.

According to an analysis by financial technology company SmartAsset, individuals are better off in certain New Jersey counties than others when attempting to save for retirement.

To determine the places where residents can be best prepare to retire, the analysis considered four factors:

  • Paycheck friendliness
  • 401(k) plan performance
  • Pension plan performance
  • Financial advisors per capita

"Mercer County comes in at No. 1," said AJ Smith, SmartAsset's vice president of financial education. "No. 1 in the state of New Jersey and actually No. 51 in the entire country. That's out of about 3,000 counties."

Morris, Monmouth, Somerset and Hunterdon counties rounded out the state's top five places to save for retirement. Dead last in the state, Cumberland County's total score was less than half the score earned by Mercer County. Cape May County was the next worst.

Counties across the country were graded on a curve, based on the best score of "100" earned by Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Mercer County's cumulative score amounted to 52.85%.

  1. Mercer
  2. Morris
  3. Monmouth
  4. Somerset
  5. Hunterdon
  6. Burlington
  7. Bergen
  8. Hudson
  9. Middlesex
  10. Sussex
  11. Union
  12. Gloucester
  13. Essex
  14. Warren
  15. Camden
  16. Ocean
  17. Atlantic
  18. Passaic
  19. Salem
  20. Cape May
  21. Cumberland

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