Late in the morning, the team was greeted by an urgent email that the toaster had gone missing. The only clue we had was a dirty rack shelf left on the studio counter. Then Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow went searching and going on a hunch that the toaster had been broken and was not stolen, he went to the dumpster.

Hunch Confirmed.

There at the bottom of the dumpster was the NJ 101.5 toaster oven that had been used for years by staff, guests and friends. The toaster had a special place in the morning show as it was the way we reheated meatloaf during the famed "Meatloaf Day" of 2017.

The toaster is gone now. It will be missed. What was also missed is the replacement toaster. You'd think that if this happened on the air on Wednesday, at the very least a new toaster would have been in place for the crew working the holiday weekend.

Not only did the team work the holiday, they did it without toast.

According to caller Debbie from Califon, the culprit? The Deminski and Doyle team with producer Kylie allegedly sticking her head in the device and breaking it. The question was raised this morning, what if she didn't break it? Would the toaster have been put back for use by unsuspecting toast eaters?

As far as the urgent memo, all the writer wanted was a piece of toast on an early morning after a holiday. Is that too much to ask?

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