Another crash of a Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft. A New Jersey man was among the 157 people killed when Flight 302 crashed shortly after take off from Addis Ababa. This one in Ethiopia, the last one off the coast of Indonesia.

Both planes down and every soul aboard lost. Both planes down within five months.

Today was the first day I checked my daughter's flight back to the UK for what type of plane she's on. Thankfully it's a 767 and not a 737. To be honest, I'm not sure what I would have done if it was a 737 Max 8. Probably just worried about it until she landed. But it raises the question about whether these flights should be grounded until the investigation is concluded.

If the same thing caused both crashes then Boeing better do something about it. Fast.

I spoke to an aviation expert on Chasing News yesterday and he told me about the testing and the scrutiny from inspectors before a plane enters the fleet. I asked him if they could've missed something, he said yes. Then we talked about grounding the planes. Already several countries have done exactly that.

He was confident that if it happens again, the US will ground the aircraft. If it happens again?!? Just gotta hope it's not you or your loved ones on the flight. Wow, in my book, that's unacceptable.

Taking a day to inspect every plane that could have a similar incident may be costly and inconvenient, but is it really worth risking another crash? Do you agree?

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