Anyone who has kids knows that they can become costly. When you combine the price of extracurricular activities, and luxury items with the price of necessities like food and bills, things can add up.

(StockByte, ThinkStock)
(StockByte, ThinkStock)

Many argue that when kids reach the legal working age, they should get a job and use that money to pay for toys or clothes they may want, activities with friends, and any other costs for non-essential items. Now, parents are saying that kids should also contribute to extra curricular activities. Some callers of the Dennis and Judi show said that they have their kids contribute to fast food costs, fancier items, and gas money if they use the family car.

The idea of teaching kids to pay for their own items enforces responsibility, and encourages them to take care of their belongings. When is the right age for kids to start helping their parents out with costs? Should this idea be slowly integrated into their lives at a young age, or should they be fully financially responsible at an older age?

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