While the country is mesmerized on how "crazy" President Trump is, wait until you see and feel the crazy when New Jersey elects Phil Murphy as our next governor.

One of his latest out of touch, prey on the fears, deny the facts, let's fix all evils ideas is a new tax on guns. That will curtail gun violence and help fund police, drug programs and mental health services. None of which are the fault or responsibility of responsible gun owners. Even a 9 year old can tell you that the guns used in the commission of crimes are not legally purchased firearms.

They're smuggled in or stolen with no connection to hard working, law abiding people who buy guns in New Jersey. It's like putting an extra tax on baseball bats because some violent nutjobs will use them to bludgeon people to death.

The city of Seattle tried a gun tax and gun shop owners fled to the suburbs and gun violence actually spiked in the city of Seattle. These idiot social engineering, tax honest people to death to fix all of society's ills politicians like Phil Murphy continue to get the support of people who buy this nonsense. He's got the backing of all the big government unions in the state and should be enough to propel him to victory.

Do they think he's got good ideas? No. Well, only one. Restore the power and money the current chubby governor took away from them during his reign. Guess where that money is gonna come from. You guessed right. You and me.

So, just shoot me....if I don't move out in time!

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