On March 9th, 1998, former boxer Josh Pompey was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend and her elderly aunt in 1989.

According to the New York Times, Pompey raped and assaulted his ex-girlfriend, Audrey Robinson, when she rejected his attempt to resume their relationship. Robinson’s 74 year old aunt attempted to intervene and Pompey fatally stabber her, too.

At trial, Pompey’s lawyer argued that Pompey had diminished mental capacity, first from birth, and then from his boxing career. He also claimed that the police planted blood evidence and coerced Pompey’s confession. Pompey was also convicted of aggravated assault for attacking the Hackensack police offer who responded to the murder scene.

Pompey, who had once been a sparring partner of Larry Holmes, was sentenced to a minimum of 70 years plus 9 months.

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