Athletes are taught to play to the whistle and Monmouth guard George Pappas did just that.

With No. 5 Kansas running out the clock on their way to a 112-57 win, Pappas snuck up and stole the ball from Jayhawks; Tristan Enaruna and went coast to coast for a breakaway dunk. Much to the dismay of his coach, King Rice, who after the game was quoted as saying that "that is uncalled for."

Apparently, according to CBS, "it's an unwritten rule that if the game is all but decided, garbage time dunks are frowned upon."

I completely disagree and applaud Pappas' enthusiasm. His school is playing one of the top schools in the country. He's not happy about getting blown out by 55 points and rather than use his adrenaline in a negative way (see Myles Garrett), he vents his aggression on the court within the rules of the game.

Did the dunk make a difference?  Not to the outcome, but it does show the other players and fans how much Pappas cares about his team getting beat that badly.

Nobody got hurt and the player got to let off some steam. There's even a lesson learned, as Kansas coach Bill Self said after the game regarding Enaruna, according to

"We've been on Tristan the whole time about being casual, and that's a prime example of what happens when you're casual," he said. "I told the team afterwards he may be on ESPN twice for two dunks: One on him and one he got."

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