#SpeakingMillennial has a new episode. It was a bit of a different conversation that we typically have as Jay really did try to give Jessica wedding advice. How much of it she's gonna take, well that's another story altogether. We also have some amazing guests and a huge event coming up so make sure that you subscribe to the podcast for FREE and make sure you don't miss anything!

Francis Ellis from Barstool Sports and Comedian Mike E. Winfield will be joining us for the next two episodes and then we're headed to the Brook Art Theater in Bound Brook NJ for the #SpeakingMIllennial first anniversary comedy showJessica and I will be hosting the show featuring Jay Black, Steve Trevelise and Eric Potts.

OK back to the current episode, let's have Jay explain it for us...

Written by: Jay Black

I don't know any women that like wedding showers or (even worse) baby showers.

I've never heard my wife mention one without making the same face that I make when she says "It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the fall: time for some chores!"

When you apply male logic to the whole wedding/baby shower pyramid scheme, though, the entire system breaks down.

Me: "Every woman hates wedding showers, right?"

Woman: "Oh yeah, totally, they're boring and terrible and you have to spend, like, hours just pretend oohing about a new blender or whatever..."

Me: "Oh, yeah, that sounds terrible. So, I suppose when it's your turn to get married, you'll be skipping it."

Woman: "Say what now?"

Me: "Well, if every woman hates it and you feel roped into going whenever your friends have one, why not break the cycle and, you know, just tell your friends that them having a good time is more important than everyone getting together for a dumb party nobody wants to have."

At this point the woman's skull splits open and a shaft of black light fires out of her, destroying every molecule in my body.

Apparently, since every woman has been forced since the beginning of time to give up an afternoon to deli trays, dumb "who knows the bride best" games, and, yes, endless "oohing and aahing", when it's their turn to be the center of all that begrudging attention, you better believe they're going to milk it for all its worth.

The entire enterprise, like most things I hear from women about what it's like to be a woman, sounds exhausting.

I have a theory that men had the groom's equivalent of a bridal shower once, in 1887. On the way back home to get their beards waxed (absolutely true fact: men back then spent 12-16 hours every single day doing various beard-related activities), the conversation about the shower went something like this:

"Welp, never doing that again!"

And that was that.

This is just one of the many theories, questions, ideas, and thoughts I had for Jessica Nutt this week as we discuss her upcoming wedding. If you're like me and have thought to yourself "well, I love Speaking Millennial, but when are they going to have a WEDDING THEMED EPISODE!?" this is just the episode of you've been waiting for! It's another can't-miss podcast!

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