On my show last week I spoke about the idea of raising the minimum wage for tipped workers, which hasn’t been done in over two decades. Several callers pointed out that if people think you’re making more money, they will tip you less. This idea makes sense to me.

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Somewhere along the line, I think most of us have worked in a place where we depended on tips. It could have been a job where the customer tipped the employee if they felt good service was given.

Good tippers are out there, and you never know where you’ll find them. Take the case of 25 year old Andrew Shaffer, who was given $23 dollars for a pizza that cost $22.67. You may have seen him on Good Morning America.

The next day, the couple that stiffed him made up for it with a handmade thank you note with a $20 bill inside. Last year, a woman paid for a waitress' dream vacation to Italy by leaving a $1,000 tip on a $60 tab, and few bartenders in Utah got a $5,000 tip on a bill that was barely more than $200.

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What’s the best tip you’ve ever received other than “Don’t bet the Mets”? Share your stories in the comment section below.