Halloween is right around the corner, and as we get ready for the scariest day of the year, we're getting Asbury Park's historic Convention Hall ready for the Haunted Hall, the Jersey shore's newest haunted attraction. But first, the Ocean County Paranormal crew is heading back to one of our favorite investigation locations to check it out.

Coming up this weekend, we'll be heading out to the iconic entertainment complex to do a full work-up of one of the most active places that we've ever investigated.

About two years ago, we spent a number of hours scouring the Paramount Theater for unexplained activity, and we weren't disappointed.

From personal accounts, to unusual audio anomalies, the Paramount seems to be a hotbed of strange happenings.

So stay tuned! We're heading out this weekend for our investigation with The Garden State Ghost Hunters and New Jersey Paranormal, and you can be sure that I'll be updating you after the fact with our findings!

In the meantime, get all the info and your tickets for the Haunted Hall by clicking here!