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Watch Part 1 Of The Pix 11 Ghost Hunt With OCP [Video]
We're a day from Halloween, and while your little ghosts and goblins are out getting crazy off candy, paranormal investigators will be trying to speak with the dead. New York City reporter Dan Mannarino from PIX 11 joined the Ocean County Paranormal crew at one of our favorite haunts recently. …
See Our Ghost Hunters on TV This Week
Halloween is only days away, and as you can imagine, this is a busy time of year for paranormal investigators! And this week, we'll show the tri-state area exactly what investigating is all about.
Haunted Hall Terror Tour
This past Saturday was quite a night in Asbury Park. As we put the finishing touches on The Haunted Hall, paranormal experts gathered at the boardwalk's historic Paramount Theater and Convention Hall to try to find out once and for all - are they haunted?
Haunting Asbury
Halloween is right around the corner, and as we get ready for the scariest day of the year, we're getting Asbury Park's historic Convention Hall ready for the Haunted Hall, the Jersey shore's newest haunted attraction. But first, the Ocean County Paranormal crew is heading back t…
The Best Apps for Amateur Ghost Hunters
As Halloween creeps ever closer, thrill seekers and amateur ghost hunters will start to snoop around to scare each other and try to find evidence of "the other side". If you fall into either of those groups, here are some suggestions to get you started on the cheap.
Ghost Footage?
I've been on a lot of investigations with the Garden State Ghost Hunters. We've gotten a lot of audio clips, plenty of strange things in pictures, but videos are the "holy grail" of paranormal investigating. And just recently we got one that we simply can not explain.
WATCH: A news crew catches ghostly activity– live
One of the main things that we always stress to new ghost hunters and people interested in trying to catch paranormal activity is the fact that you can't make it happen. You can spend hours somewhere that is purported to be haunted and not get so much as a chill. And then there are those times …
Scariest Cases
Ocean County Paranormal has been working with the Garden State Ghost Hunters for a few years now, doing a number of paranormal investigations a year. While "ghost hunting" can sound glamorous and the TV shows make it look really exciting, many times it can be a lot of sitting aroun…

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