It's officially October, officially fall, and officially haunted house season. And we have one of the scariest haunted attractions at the Jersey shore - The Haunted Hall, ready to roll this weekend. So what makes it one of the best Halloween attractions around? Here are a few reasons:


There's some intense history here
Asbury Park, and specifically Convention Hall and The Paramount Theatre, have been witness to some pretty intense historical events. From the Morro Castle disaster to deadly and tragic fires, there have been significant historical events that happened right on the site of The Haunted Hall.


The Haunted Hall is perfectly located
Whether you're coming up from Ocean County, down from Monmouth County, or over from Burlington County, Asbury Park is easy to get to, easy to get around, and there's plenty to do there for the whole family.


There's a good chance that it's really haunted
As we told you about earlier, we investigated the property and came up with some pretty interesting results. Want to hear another interesting clip that we got? Check out this audio clip:

In this clip, myself, my editor, Colleen, and our colleague Toniann were in a dressing room on the property. Colleen was feeling unusual sensations on her hand. In the clip, right after she says, "...feeling a weird sensation in my, on my right hand, third finger, middle finger..." Right after she says "on my right hand" you can hear a whispering that was recorded.

I can tell you, as someone who was in the room, none of us who were present  whispered, and we didn't hear the whispering at the time. It was only when I listened to the audio recording after that I heard the whisper.



Let's be honest, haunted houses can be scary enough with elaborate decoration and terrifying actors, but thinking that the location might really be haunted? If you ask me, that adds a whole new level to the scares!

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