Welcome to New Jersey, where amid the pandemic, protest marches and declining economy, you would think we'll never have any fun. Au contraire, Pierre!

(Hopefully, I didn't offend anyone named Pierre with that last line. I wouldn't want to see a "Pierre protest" outside my door. Imagine that visual. That's a joke by the way. Unfortunately with my humor I often have to make that clear.)

But contrary to popular belief, there are ways to have fun in New Jersey despite all that is going on. The first thing you have to do is disconnect, like I just did on my week of vacation. Fortunately, we have several beaches and parks in New Jersey where you can get away from it all. I took the family down to Sea Isle City, where we hung out on the beach, rode the waves and took long walks. It took less than a day to get a deep dark tan. But before we even got to Sea Isle, we stopped for a red and white pizza to-go at Manco & Manco's in Ocean City.

By the way, one thing I did notice with all the outdoor dining at the Shore is the abundance of seagulls. As comedian John Kensil says, "What do you call a North Jersey seagull? A gabbagull." From what I saw they were the "gobble gulls" as they swooped down trying to get at our subs and fries. As far as I'm concerned they're beach rats with wings, which could be great name for a Jersey Shore band.

Another great way to while away the hours in New Jersey is to grab a cooler and chair and lounge out in the Motor Vehicle Commission lines. If they ever sell vendor licenses for those lines, count me in. As long as they don't sell them at the MVC.

So I asked in spite of all that is going on in New Jersey, what are you doing for fun? Here's some of what I got from my Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as my nightly show on New Jersey 101.5.

What to do for fun this summer in New Jersey

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