Summer season is upon us and and if you're going down the shore, be prepared to begin your trek annoyed. Doesn't it always seem like people have mentally checked out just before they get on the road? Sometimes I think driving down the shore that people have begun their vacation the minute they get behind the wheel. They slow down their speed, they casually drive in the left lane and drive completely oblivious to what's going on around them. It doesn't help that New Jersey seems to schedule all their road construction on summer weekends too, but nonetheless. I asked my social media followers, what's the most annoying thing about driving down the shore?

Carolyn Dee: "The Garden State Parkway"

Michelle Wood Florich: "A**holes that go 40 mph"

Bob Lehman: "Idiots on their phones not paying attention"

Chuck Trogdon: "New York plates"

Keith Carnevale: "Tony and Gina from Staten Island slowing down on the parkway to look at the deer on the side off the road like they're at great adventure wild safari"

MaryKay Julian-Cary: "When you’re stuck in traffic and the sun reflects off the car right in front of you for the entire ride leaving you blind!"

Cindi White: "Stopped traffic, tailgaters, everyone passing and driving 80mph on 72!!"

Kathleen Cook: "Living in Cape May County, the most annoying thing about tourist driving is ignoring stop signs and thinking everyone is on vacation, pull your head out and look up"

Geno Angelino: "All the Pennsylvania a**holes that have to be left lane Vigilantes and do 65 in the goddamn left lane move the hell over or go back to PA"

Mike Folk: "I live in Long Branch. Even the local streets get crowded"

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