One of my best friends was born and raised in Union County. He grew up eating Italian hot dogs, going sleigh riding (which was actually sledding) and calling pork roll Taylor Ham.

To me, he might as well have grown up in a different state. He's also from one of the many towns that belong in the "what exit?" category.

When I saw that skit thirty years ago on SNL with Joe Piscopo, I had no idea what they were talking about even though I lived in New Jersey.


I grew up in Burlington County just a few minutes from bridges that lead right into Philadelphia. We were more of a Philly suburb than a tried and true, typical Jersey area.

When we would go on vacation and people would ask where we were from, we'd more often than not say, "Philly". It's not that we were ashamed of New Jersey. It's just that all of the things that meant "Jersey" to people outside of the state had nothing to do with us.

Plus, nobody heard of the town or area we were from, and we were nowhere near an exit of the parkway or even the Turnpike (which doesn't count anyway).


When my friend says I'm not from the "real" Jersey, he's not wrong. He's from the part of Jersey that can answer the "what exit" question and calls New York "the city".

Where I grew up, we never even heard of the Taylor Ham/pork roll debate. Really! We have a Philly-type accent, to us "the city" is Philly, and sleigh riding is something you'd see in a movie.

So, the "real Jersey" is somewhere in that pocket of heavily populated counties and towns along the Parkway and the Turnpike from exit 7a on up north and exit 82 and north.

The rest of us just share a license plate and high property tax bills and not much else. Most of us here in New Jersey live in a bubble of about a 15-to-20-mile radius and anything beyond that is somewhere else!

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This has to be the best farmers market in New Jersey

If you’re looking for a great farmers market, you have to visit the Summit Farmers Market. This year they have over 50 vendors, offering a large selection of great produce from various local farmers, lots of specialty foods and more. There is also plenty of free parking. My dog and I went for a visit last week and took pictures of what they have to offer.

Vendors Not Pictured:

  • Adventure Kitchen
  • Angel Planet Foods
  • Anita's Baked Wonders
  • Bull 'N Bear Brewery
  • Fit Fed Puppy
  • Foraged Feast
  • Hummus Boss
  • Jana's Jammy
  • Java's Compost
  • Kariba Farms
  • Louis Organics
  • Luxx Chocolat
  • Made with Clay
  • Mangalitsa
  • Our Woods Maple Syrup
  • Roaming Acres Farm
  • Spice Sisters
  • Stefan's Polish Foods
  • Sustainable Haus
  • Valley Shepherd Creamery
  • WoodsEdge Farm

The Summit Farmers Market will be open every Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will last until November 20th. The market is located at Park & Shop Lot #1 on the corner of DeForest Avenue and Woodland Avenue.

Below are photos of some of the local vendors joining the farmers market this season:

Gallery Credit: Jordan Jansson

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