When survivors of the school shooting in Parkland banded together and called BS on the government's inaction America sat up and took notice. Now there are planned student and teacher walkouts, sit-ins and marches planned across the country for April 20th, the anniversary of the Columbine killings.

I heard some initial reaction to those Parkland survivors that I found at the very least disturbing. They were called self-absorbed and snowflakes by some. Others called out their liberal parents. Shocking to me considering these were the very kids who were there; barricaded in classrooms, hearing the gunshots, seeing the blood, watching their friends die, seeing their teachers' dead bodies.

Even if you disagree with them can you honestly blame them for being emotional and fed up? They have spent years, actually their entire time growing up when you think about it, hearing talk of "it's not a gun problem." Hearing it's a mental health issue. Hearing what we need are more guns. Hearing nothing but words and arguing. And seeing school shootings over, and over, and over and over again. It's been more than five years since little first and second graders were slaughtered in Newtown. When that happened these kids now protesting in Parkland were nine to twelve years old. They've spent their childhoods living on the periphery of mass shootings in schools and now suffered through one. And people call them snowflakes?

Troll (noun) a person who submits deliberately inflammatory comments, insults and slurs on the internet.

Dan Alexander wrote this article detailing other student walkouts planned for March 14th. It appears both on NJ1015.com as well as on the station's Facebook page. On Facebook, here are just some of the comments left by listeners.

"This is where parenting comes into play...if my high school aged daughter joined in this crap there would be hell to pay...I send my kids to school to learn math and science and language arts...not to be indoctrinated by liberal teachers or idiot so called "journalists"...Parents in this country need to start being parents and not trying to be their kids bestie...This country is going to hell faster then anyone could imagine for the simple lack of discipline in the home."

Join in this crap? They want something done about mass murder in schools. That equates crap? And by the way, it's than not then, so called needs a hyphen and kids needs an apostrophe. Just some language arts for you.

"Just remember that this is a generation that eats Tide Pods and can't decide which bathroom to use or which gender they are in general. Trust me!!! Guns are not the problem here..."

Yes, because Tide Pods and transgender people have everything to do with this apparently.

"Yeah miss out on a valuable day of possibly learning something so you can possibly help the socialists strip us of even more rights. This is what happens when we allow education to become indoctrination."

Maybe they just don't want to be the next to die at 15?

"All these marches. How about marching right back into the classroom and learn something...like the 2nd amendment."

I guess it's about priorities.

"They are protesting a Staged Shooting event! It's all a lye and the perpetrators who staged this should be indicted!"

So 17 people aren't really dead. And the funerals will all be staged, the embalming of the bodies staged, the grieving will all be staged. By the way it's lie, not lye.

"Funny how when someone uses a car to mow down people, they blame the person, not the car. Yet when people are killed with guns they blame an inanimate object that can't shoot without a human pulling the trigger. Enforce the laws already out there! Banning guns will only mean criminals have guns."

The laws already out there allowed this Nikolas Cruz to buy an AR-15 when he couldn't even buy a beer. And cars are not designed to kill people. While they can, that is not what they are designed to do anymore than a lawnmower is, an anvil, a steel beam, or an electronic appliance. They all can, but it's not what they're designed to do. An AR-15 is designed with one purpose. To kill.

So after reading these and many other comments I assume that whatever protests engaged in by students concerned over mass murder in their schools will be met with counter protests supporting the status quo. Okay then. Catch ya after the next bloodbath.

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