What is online safety? How secure is my password? How do you stop cyberbullying?

These are just a few of the popular searches related to web safety, by New Jersey residents, entered into Google over the past week.

The technology company tells New Jersey 101.5 their historical research of searches shows interest in online safety tends to spike every year around September as kids head back to school.

"I think it's because people are going out and buying these new computers and buying these phones for their kids, and also there's a lot of technology in classrooms now," said Charlotte Smith, a Google internet safety expert. "This is top of mind and it looks like people are not quite sure where to start."

Top 5 Google search questions on internet safety (New Jersey):

  1. What is online safety?
  2. How to be safe on the internet for kids?
  3. What is digital safety?
  4. What is the definition of internet safety?
  5. How secure is my password?

Top 5 Google search questions on cyberbullying (New Jersey):

  1. What is cyberbullying?
  2. How do you stop cyberbullying?
  3. How much has cyberbullying increased over the years?
  4. Why do people cyberbully?
  5. How should schools handle cyberbullying?

Google released its findings while announcing their Be Internet Awesome curriculum designed to teach kids how to be "safe and confident explorers" online. Smith said the program, which includes an online interactive game, has been demoed in schools across the country. It's geared toward elementary-level students.

"In order to prepare kids to make good decisions online, we also need parents and families to be able to discuss these topics as well," Smith said.

Robert Kravitz, superintendent of the Englewood Public Schools District, said it is "very important" to teach internet safety in the classroom.

"We incorporate internet safety with our technology teachers throughout our district," he told New Jersey 101.5.

Many districts, he noted, bring in local or county police office to discuss appropriate online behavior with children of all ages.

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