The snow is coming and as comedian Vic Dibitetto reminds us you "gotta get the bread and milk." but what else is New Jersey buying as we brace for the snow storm?

Recently, I asked

When asked about the impending storm and their shopping lists, here's what some other New Jerseyans say they'd like to stock up on:

  • Tom - whiskey sour mix.
  • Blake - marijuana.
  • Gigi - I've got everything except batteries. Just in case the power goes out...
  • Robert - Bubble gum.
  • John-  Ramen pride.
  • Rocco - Toilet paper.
  • Linda - Snacks.
  • Cherryl - BOOOZE.
  • Margaret - Soup. I have a gas stove so if power goes out I have food. And plenty of snacks.
  • Brigid - Wine and stuff to make soup.
  • Comedian Corey Alexander - Cuddle partner.
  • Craig - All ingredients necessary for French toast, you know...Eggs, Milk, Bread....
  • Butch - One way ticket to Aruba.

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